10 Ways That Korea Is Winning

All countries have good and bad points, things which we can either complain about or praise. And while Korea has it’s faults, today I’m going to focus on the good things: 10 things which give Korea definite cool points.

Oreo Cereal


To the misery of Oreo-lovers everywhere, this cereal has been discontinued in every country…apart from South Korea. I regularly see it featured on lists along the lines of ‘foods we miss which no longer exist’. Well, come to Korea and stock up…




Umbrella Plastic Protectors


Ever had the problem of your umbrella dripping everywhere while you carry it awkwardly around a shop? Not a problem in Korea- stick your umbrella into the stand, pull it out and it’s in a perfectly shaped umbrella-plastic-bag. Finally, an easy way to hold your umbrella, without leaving large puddles wherever you walk. This is an invention which England could do with copying…




Bubble Tea


Sure, you can get Bubble Tea in other countries. In fact, it’s a new and ‘trendy’ thing in the UK- for an extortionate price, that is.

In Korea, there are Bubble Tea cafes around every corner (not just a restricted number of exclusive cafes like in the UK), and most importantly, they’re cheap.  Cheaper than a cup of coffee, in fact.

Ahead of the trends, lower on the prices. Go Korea.




Can we just talk about the variety/ cheapness of socks in Korea? I could literally buy a pair every day and not run out of designs. Plus there’s the choice: trainer socks, fluffy socks, socks with animal ears on. Socks have never been so exciting. (Ditto smartphone covers- endless designs and cheap. It’s tempting to buy a different cover for every day of the week).


Pizza Take-Out Tray


Papa John’s has just made pizza delivery more exciting- a three-layered pizza box, with one layer for pizza, another for sides & dip, and a final layer for a cookie pizza dessert. A 3-course meal in one takeout box = one pretty impressive invention.

And, it’s only available in Korea.



http2007,Wikimedia Commons
http2007,Wikimedia Commons

Clean, with working Wi-Fi, coffee and vending machines, and actual shops everywhere. In Korea, walking around subway stations is definitely more fun (and more likely to make you spend unnecessary money).

And let’s not forget the screens where you can find out information, or even better, play games and watch sports.


24 Hour Convenience Stores


The practicality of having a 24-hour store on pretty much every corner can’t be beaten. And they aren’t only good for buying emergency milk for breakfast. They have everything: food, drinks, medicines, alcohol, first-aid stuff, even emergency underwear.

On top of this, they have a hot-water stations and microwaves, so you can make hot food/drinks. Instant meals and coffee at 3 in the morning? No problem. That’s convenience on a whole new level…


Food Courts

WiNG, Wikimedia Commons
WiNG, Wikimedia Commons

If you get hungry when you shop, it’s no problem in Korea. You don’t have to buy an overpriced meal from a small cafe with minimal choice. No, there’s an entire food court with so many options it’s usually hard to decide what to buy.

What a way to make a trip to the supermarket more enjoyable!


Animal Cafes


The most fun you’ll ever have in a cafe. Again, Korea is ahead of the trend with these cafes- in London, a cat cafe has recently opened and is such a phenomenon that there’s long waiting list to be able to visit. Imagine the excitement if someone opened a dog cafe…

In Korea, you simply pop to your local cafe any day of the week. Another win for Korea.


Free Coffee


It might be sweet, artificial coffee, but in my opinion, getting free coffee at the end of a meal is pretty great. Even better are the places where you can get an ice lolly at the end of your meal.

A definite way to ensure my return to a restaurant…



I think it’s fair to say that these are 10 things which Korea definitely does well. I would have mentioned 50 pence sushi, but I know I’ve raved about that before…

So, if you’re having a bad day full of negative feelings towards Korea, go out, buy yourself some nice socks and visit an animal cafe to cheer you up… That will definitely soften the blow of any negative feelings…

20 thoughts on “10 Ways That Korea Is Winning

  1. I love how positive your posts are! I would definitely agree with all of these, particularly the SOCKS and convenience stores. I don’t think I remember what it’s like to not be able to get anything and everything at all hours of the night, it will be a rude awakening when/if I live somewhere else! ^_^


  2. Great post ! Living in Korea definitely is a good place !

    But I really need to mention this :
    – Bubble tea are originally from Taiwan. Much better taste and lower prices in Taiwan. Gong-Cha is a Taiwanese Franchise from Kaohsiung.
    – Much more convenient stores in Taiwan, sometimes there are two at one corner. They have much more services and the staff is always very kind and smiling.

    I’m not here to defend or raise a point, just to bring some information.


  3. Great post. I also agree with Xiaoan that bubble tea is 99% better in Taiwan. Like ridiculously amazing. Korea’s socks are adorable. But the convenience stores should also sell more food like the ones in Japan…Then I’d be super happy


    1. Thanks for the comment! I need to try Bubble Tea is Taiwan 🙂 still beats England by a long way though! As do the convenient stores. I love the stores in Japan too, and also the drinks vending machines which are everywhere- so useful!


  4. We certainly agree that Korea does many things well, and this is a very clever list! BUT! The instant coffee packs? So much hate from the Hedger Household for those little packets of powder. Haha

    Rant on “coffee” concluded, have you seen the ferris wheel-style car parks? Or the bicycle storage pods? So many things have stopped me in my tracks. I’m sure other countries have these things, as well, but I like posts about things like this that made you stop the first time you encountered them. Korea has certainly made us do this many, many times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I like fake coffee, I have to admit 🙂 I do know coffee lovers which don’t though. I haven’t seen and ferris-wheel style car parks! I want to though!
      And yes, definitely lots of things in Korea which surprised me the first time I saw them!


  5. The socks are so cool that we’re sending some to friends who aren’t here anymore. The free coffee machines are pretty cool as well. Always good if you’re in need of a pickup after some dinner. The subways are always great when we’re in the bigger cities, but the trains are awesome throughout the country. I love taking the KTX up to Seoul from Yeosu. 3 hours and 20 minutes of beautiful landscapes seen from a comfy train car.

    Thanks for this list. Sometimes we need a reminder on how great Korea is at some things.


    1. Thanks a lot for your comment!
      I also send socks as gifts haha, there’s a design for everyone!
      You’re right- this is just a list of some little things which are good in Korea, but it’s good to focus on positives rather than negatives sometimes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I have only been here for 2.5 months so I am still loving just about everything. I am creating a list and adding to it as I find things that I love about this place. I love the demonstrations on the subway… hanging up clothes and cleaning them to show off his product. It might be that I can’t understand a word, but they demonstrations are more entertaining than annoying…definitely different than other cities around the world!


    1. Glad that you’re loving everything so far in Korea 🙂 I should have written down everything as we went along to remember it all! There are so many more things I know, and I hope to keep finding even more quirky, cool things about Korea 🙂 let me know if you write your own list!


  7. haha this list is basically exactly what i would have written. i pretty much do buy a new pair of socks whenever i see good ones. i live outside the GS mart, the subway is amazing, and yes, bubble tea. i’ve never had this oreo cereal however. may have to pick up a box if i see it.


  8. Great reminder of some of the small little things I love about living in Korea! 🙂 I need to bookmark this for when I have a bad day 😛
    have you seen the pizza hut “tree box” set?? its in the shape of a Xmas tree!!! hahah


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